Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Sexuality" by Garland Jeffreys, Soundtrack for Armani Commercial

Garland Jeffreys "Sexuality" used as soundtrack in television commercial for Emporio Armani Fragances for Men and Women. Giorgio Armani commissioned "Sexuality" for his worldwide fragrance campaign.

"Sexuality" from the album "Wildlife Dictionary" by Garland Jeffreys.

Giorgio Armani, Garland Jeffreys & Robert DeNiro

The Paris Show - 1998

Music from Emporio Armani Fall Winter 1998/99 Fashion Show, specially Composed and Performed by Garland Jeffreys.
Introducing the New Emporio Armani Fragances for Men and Women.

Paris Place Saint-Sulpice March 11, 1998. The show was brought to NYC three weeks later and took place at Harry Cipriani's Downtown.

"Sexuality" was on everybody's mind as the song played and played throughout the evening. Garland's experience with Giorgio Armani was extraordinary: "That night I saw Giorgio's incredible love of craftmanship, artistic creation and sheer beauty. It reminded me of what I knew about the great artists of the Italian Renaissance (15 -16th century) -- their great pride and brilliant self-expression."

More great videos to come as a prelude to my World Tour and New Album in 2009.

Sexuality - Garland Jeffreys


Caught up in the rapture
Baby you're my capture
You're the gangster
And I'm your prisoner
Sexuality, sexuality
Mouth to mouth
Cheek to cheek
Baby you're my loving
And I cannot speak
Sexuality, sexuality
Sexuality, sexuality
And I want to believe you
And I want to receive you
And you want to believe me
And you want to receive me
Sexuality, sexuality
Sexuality, sexuality
Sexuality, sexuality
Sexuality, sexuality

Sexuality - Garland Jeffreys

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