Friday, November 7, 2008

Life on Mars is Wild in the Streets

"Wild in the Streets" was featured last night in the opening segment of ABC Television's weekly series "Life on Mars". The entire episode can be viewed online on ABC's website at ABC's Life on Mars and you can see a portion of the opening clip below or on YouTube at YouTube Clip (Wild is heard in this clip and again a bit later in the episode).

I bought the master for "Wild in the Streets" from Atlantic because I loved the song and wished they had handled the record better. They had the opportunity to have a hit--it was a hit in certain territories but never got the support it really needed. It was recorded in '73. People think it came out in '77, when Ghost Writer came out. I was inspired to write the song that summer after reading about a murder in the Bronx--two boys, twelve and thirteen, threw a girl off a roof.

When I first met the Rumour, they told me they were influenced by my first solo album as well as "Wild in the Streets." It got around, it got to London. The Clash loved it, and I gave them a copy of the original Atlantic recording when we first met. It's nice to know that it had that kind of impact. When I played Hamburg for the first time, in 1979, they knew all the songs from Ghost Writer. It was a surprise to me! When I first played Japan, I thought, "What's going to happen here?" But they knew the songs.

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Anonymous said...

Thats awesome I love that song and it was used well in the show. Hey I only knew you through Ghostwriter.
But man that was when the world was exploding for me in 1977.


Anonymous said...

Your explanations are quite interesting.
Very happy for you. I'm so glad "Wild..." got played last night.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching that episode when it aired and thinking "right on, Garland!"

Anonymous said...

I always thought Wild In the Streets was about Sheepshead Bay. Because while it was this mostly stable working class neighborhood it was interesting in many respects.. There were a few Transvestites in the area most notably Toya I think was her name(it's been so long) on 15th street and lord knows there was drug use... Interesting to know what the real inspiration was..