Saturday, June 27, 2009

Graveyard Rock

At the board at the Power Station during the Escape Artist sessions: Dick Wingate, Steve Goulding, Garland Jeffreys, Alan Freedman, Bob Clearmountain

Graveyard Rock is another gem on Garland's "Escape Artist" album.
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"Graveyard Rock" on YouTube at
Live performance at the Country Club in Reseda, California. Garland Jeffreys - Vocals, Brinsley Schwarz - Lead Guitar, Carter Cathcart - Guitar, Steve Goulding - Drums, Brian Stanley - Bass Guitar.

Music & Lyrics by Garland Jeffreys. From the album "Escape Artist".

They carried him away
In a Cadillac hearse
And what was worse
They showed no mercy
I remember that day
When he had the curse
After chapter and verse
He died an alcoholic

Graveyard rock
That's what they call it in the neighborhood
Graveyard rock
That's what they call it on the block
Graveyard rock
I bet you really never thought he would
Graveyard rock
I hear the ticking of the clock

It was so tragic
Another painful story
And just a-like magic
Out the 21st story
They say the deed was done
A when they sealed that coffin
It happened quite often
In the crash of '80 of '81

Graveyard rock
Mash it up

Now there was no glory
No ceremony
His epitaph told me
He was no phony
They buried that casket
It went six feet under
And rain nor thunder
Can hide nor mask it
There ain't no laughter
No hereafter
There ain't no big fun
In the crash of '80 of '81

Graveyard rock

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