Friday, November 20, 2009

"Wild in the Streets" video

"Wild in the Streets" video on YouTube at

Wild in the Streets is my pride and joy. I consider it my "first" Rock 'n' Roll record, written and released in 1973, and recorded with Dr. John and his band, with Alan Freedman, Michael Brecker, David Sanborn, David Spinozza, David Peel, Produced by Roy Cicala..............
All the Best,
Single written and released in 1973. Also on the album "Ghost Writer" (A & M Records, 1977) and reissued on the album "I'm Alive" (Universal International, 2006).
Garland Jeffreys: Lead vocal and acoustic guitar
John Boudreaux: Drums
Rick Marrotta: Drums
Johnny Ace: Bass
Alan Freedman: Acoustic electric guitar
Sugarbear: Electric guitar
Dr. John: Clavinet
Michael Brecker: Tenor sax
Randy Brecker: Trumpet
David Sanborn: Soprano sax
Phil Messina: Trombone
David Peel and Friends: Background vocals
Produced by Roy Cicala and Garland Jeffreys
Arranged by Garland Jeffreys and Dr. John
Recorded and mixed by Roy Cicala at Record Plant, 1973
Mastered at Atlantic
(Music and Lyrics by Garland Jeffreys)
In the heat of the summer
Better call up the plumber
And turn on the street pump
To cool me off
With your newspaper writers
And your big crime fighters
You still need a drugstore
To cure my cough

Running wild in the streets

We got a gang called Shady
And a midnight lady
And two transvestites
To beat the band
You better not touch us
You best believe us
Your teenage Johnny's
Gonna be a man

Runnin' wild in the streets

Mrs. America
Tell me how is your favorite son
Do you really care
What he has done

Runnin' wild in the streets


Beau House said...

Having only just discovered this song all I can say is wow, what a gem. Thank you for posting this.

joan said...

I!!!! Man This is From Menorca (spain)
wild in the streets !!fantastic!!! well done, sounds great got any Matador!!!! Videos????
You Know I Was Born in Barcelona, and I still Remember That Line In The Song, Me and My Buddys Been Fans Ever Since.
The Rest of Your Work of Course Is Great Too...
My Favoryt Right Now is Your First Release !!!Garland Jeffreys!!!
she didn't lie, harlem bound....
and The GUYS man Dr. John, Chuck Raney, Airto...... can't remember them all..... vinyl times man
I just wanna thankyou for what you did (DO)a couple of thousand times
so thank you etc etc ..........
this looks like a love letter rather than a coment but........