Wednesday, March 10, 2010

From Down Under

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Garland Jeffreys has been promising a new album for a long time now but it looks like the wait is nearly over. An email from Jeffreys camp advises that recording for the album is now completed and the album is currently being mixed.

The email goes on to say “The songs are a real reflection of where Garland is at these days, emotionally, philosophically, chronologically and rockingly. They are across the board great! As ever, some of the best players and background vocalists have a hand in these tracks. Once they’re mixed and mastered we’ll be giving you more details about the where and how to get it, as well as performances related to its release.”

That sounds like great news.

Jeffreys is one of those great artists who have never been to Australia. Hopefully the release of the new album will prompt the opportunity for him to play live in Australia – he would be a brilliant addition to a Bluesfest line-up around this time next year.

Just planning ahead.

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